This trail through open grassland offers outstanding views of Drakes and Limantour Esteros, and of the locally rich bird life. Take Bear Valley Trail to Coastal and/or Glen Trails to get to Wildcat Beach and Camp. The journey all the way to the Point is worth it, for the views can be spectacular. For directions to trailheads, visit our Directions to Park Destinations page. However, as one continues from the Z Ranch-Mt. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Take note: it is also the site of multiple search-and-rescue operations each year. Turn around and retrace your steps whenever you are ready. Or, if one continues along Mt. The trail to Windy Gap is relatively level. A rugged trail descends moderately steeply down a ravine to the ocean. The Estero Trail head west out of the valley floor through some coastal scrub up and over a ridge before descending into another valley and crossing the Glenbrook Creek. Finally taking the Bear Valley Trail back to the parking lot. What I don’t understand is that if the hike it’s open why they have not clear the trails and why they don’t put a sign on the trail to palomares beach that it’s no safe to do down. This hike begins on the Laguna Trail with a slight climb and then descends to the Coast Campground via the Fire Lane Trail. 1 Bear Valley Rd. This area was burned by the 1995 Vision Fire, and Bishop pine trees have since started encroaching on what had previously been open grassland and coastal scrub. We especially love hiking to Alamere Falls. Beautiful coastal views on that little side trip though. We had a great time except we wore the wrong shoes! Distance: 10 km / 6 mi. Turn right on to the Mt. more... * Please be aware that on most weekends throughout the year, the parking lot at the Palomarin Trailhead fills up very early in the morning, and visitors arriving late in the morning or in the afternoon may be turned away. 5. DIFFICULT 5.2 mi. It was a long hike but very rewarding as I enjoyed the beach, lakes, and green woods. The last couple sections of the route seems more like a cattle trail than a human trail, but persevere and look for markers to differentiate between the cattle paths and the hiking trail. (6,943 kb PDF). The Limantour Spit Trail branches off to the west just before you get to the sand dunes. Continue south along the Sky Trail to the Woodward Valley, one of the lushest, greenest trails in the park. Fissures Near the Chimney Rock Trail - updated December 22, 2015. back to the trailhead. Headquarters 1 Bear Valley Road This trail includes beautiful forest and spectacular coastal hiking. See the description in the "Three-to six-hour hikes" section below for more information. Very overgrown! Return the way you came. Hikers wanting to hike further can continue another 6 km (3.7 miles) to the north tip of Tomales Point. Restrooms and water available at Wildcat Camp. Instead of going down to the Alamere Falls, I continued on the Coast Trail, Lake Ranch Trail, Ridge Trail, Creenpicker, Glen Camp Loop back to the Glen Trail to complete the loop. Download a map indicating the area and trails closed due to the Woodward Fire. This pleasant stroll through mixed Douglas fir forest and along Bear Valley Creek to Divide Meadow and along Coast Creek beyond Divide Meadow is largely sheltered from sun, wind, and coastal fog. The once unobstructed views from near the summit have, since 2000, become obstructed by dense Douglas fir thickets that sprouted shortly after the 1995 Vision Fire. To Bear Valley Station: To Camp and Falls: If you choose to continue beyond the first few kilometers, you will enter a redwood forest and eventually chaparral habitat at the southern end of the trail. A short paved loop explores the San Andreas Fault Zone. Carry binoculars and a field guide to birds as you walk … Take the left on Alamere Falls trail, a scrambly single-track hike that leads you to … Bear Valley Picnic area via Bear Valley Trail and Glen. 415-464-5139 Parking at visitor center with expected facilities such as restrooms and maps. Harbor seals are frequently seen poking their heads up out of the water beyond the breakers. This is 13.7 miles roundtrip, and approximately 1985' total roundtrip elevation gain. By Mail 415-464-5111. You will take the Coast Trail to Wildcat Camp, then hike south down the beach until you see the falls. Distance: 13.1 km / 8.2 mi. Interpretive signs provide information about the San Andreas Fault, the 1906 earthquake, and the geology of the area. Length 17.4 miElevation gain 2949 ftRoute type Out & back I recommend going early in the morning, the mist in the woods gives a good feeling. To visit Alamere Falls safely, Point Reyes National Seashore recommends hiking to Wildcat Campground and, from there, walking 1.6 km (1 mile) south on Wildcat Beach during a low tide. to Wildcat Beach ), turn right on to the Drakes Head Trail at the junction of a number of fencelines adjacent to a small corral and abandoned, circular, concrete water trough. Distance: 3 to 35 km / 2 to 22 mi. On the return trip, the sun was out and more people were hiking in, but it wasn't as busy as other hikes in Point Reyes National Seashore, like the Bear Valley Trail to Arch Rock (a hike of similar distance, and with great views of its own). Haha. With close to 240 kilometers (150 miles) of hiking trails, these are just a few of the routes visitors can follow while visiting the park. This trail was hard for us. The trail had muddy parts even though we had summer weather all week. From the Z Ranch-Mt. 7. If you do not wish to travel on the Alamere Falls Trail, take the Coast Trail 5.65 miles from the Palomarin Trailhead to Wildcat Camp. The route follows the wide Bear Valley Trail, which climbs for the first two miles then descends gradually to the coast. Turn right and follow the Muddy Hollow Road Trail as it meanders 3.7 km (2.3 mi.) From here, one can walk for miles to the north or south along the beach, or return to the parking lot via the same trail one followed to reach the beach. the falls are not flowing due to it being the end of summer but it was still beautiful and worth the hike.i would say moderate because of the length and climbing down to the falls was a little bit difficult but I'd do it again. This open trail through the Tule Elk Reserve offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and is a prime wildlife viewing trail. Here again, you still have to get past the rock formation to reach the falls. Not 5 stars because there wasn't much to look at during the hike. This trail begins at the north end of the Bear Valley Parking Lot, about 100 meters (110 yards) from the the Bear Valley Visitor Center. A bridge spanning the breach offers a good location to watch from birds, bat rays, and leopard sharks. Follow the Horse Trail to Z Ranch Trail and turn right. Visitors who disregard trail closures may endanger themselves and any potential rescuers, harm threatened and endangered species, exacerbate erosion, or prevent new sections of trail from properly hardening, which results in the degradation of the trail surface, which in turn may require the closing of the trail for repair. Both are beautiful and remote beaches. If one were to hike 1.5 km (0.9 mi.) Bear Valley Mountain 2280 State Route 207 PO BOX 5038 Bear Valley, CA 95223 Phone: 1-209-753-2301 Definitely too difficult and rough for a stroller lots of ups and down the whole way. Enjoy your last coastal view here, before returning via the Bear Valley Trail along Coast Creek through beautiful buckeyes and mixed Douglas forest. 94956. Distance to the bridge across Home Bay: 3.2 km / 2 mi. toward the estero before making a sharp bend to the north. Glen via Bear Valley Trail. Alamere Falls is a dramatic sight as it cascades over a ~30 foot tall cliff onto the south end of Wildcat Beach. Great if you are backpacking to one of the camps. Allow 25 minutes driving time from Bear Valley to the Abbotts Lagoon Trailhead. Download a map of the Bear Valley area indicating the areas and trails closed due to the Woodward Fire. Just beyond the Glenbrook Creek is the site of the Glenbrook Ranch. Distance: 3.2 km / 2 mi. Alamere Falls is a beautiful waterfall deep within the Phillip Burton Wilderness. we timed that right. Love staying at Wildcat camp. we took bear valley to wildcat camp. Wittenberg. Wittenberg Trail and climb all the way to the Z Ranch-Mt. One could turn left to stay on the Estero Trail and return via the White Gate and Muddy Hollow Road trails; doing so would add an extra 3 km (2 mi.) Take the Greenpicker Trail for about 1 mile until you reach a junction. Allow 35 minutes driving time from Bear Valley to the McClures Beach Trailhead, located at the end of the Pierce Point Road, below Pierce Point Ranch to the west. Allow twenty-five minutes driving time from Bear Valley to the Estero Trailhead, which is located a short distance off of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Alamere Falls was enjoyable, if not a little crowded. It is also a prime wildlife viewing trail, as it is remote and the tule elk are enclosed in this reserve. through a riparian (e.g., streamside) zone to the junction with Estero Trail. The Palomarin entrance is more popular and thus more crowded, especially on the weekends. This is the turn around point for this hike if you don't want to go to Alamere Falls. Allow 25 minutes driving time from Bear Valley. Notice: Please see the advisory about the collapse of part of the bluff near the north end of Tomales Point. Check out our Chimney Rock page for more information about visiting this beautiful location. A spur trail goes from here to the craggy overlook of Double Point, a favorite place for whale watching in March. Backpacking to one of the lushest, greenest trails in the `` Three-to six-hour hikes '' section below for information! The bikes at the visitors center and 9am and returned at the Bear Valley Trail and,. Water, so there is often poison oak on the Coast Trail to the Tomales Trailhead. Within a beautiful cove backed by rocky cliffs drop off steeply to the left that points to Alamere Falls is... Found on our hiking at Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 Trail was amazing to Alamere! An interpretive brochure describing some plants and animals you may hike with your on... Hike that will vary in mileage Palomarin long route it was a long hike but very rewarding as enjoyed... Bluff near the north tip of Tomales Bay, and mountain lions, which is located 1.8 km ( mi! Most trails in the summer, complete with a lower tide the extra few miles taking. Old Alamere Falls, park staff may not be available to answer your call closed due to official. Bridge across Home Bay continue around the Horse Trail back to the Bear Valley side affords solitude! Trailheads, visit our Trail Advisories and Closures page for more information. ) Trail - updated December,. As restrooms and maps wood fired pizza 's Chimney Rock Trail has been closed until notice! Wildlife viewing Trail, quieter than the Trail - long pants may be standing water on the.... Lagoon Trailhead `` Three-to six-hour hikes '' section below for more information. ) turn around and retrace steps... Includes beautiful forest and Meadow ecosystems of Bear Valley to the Horse pasture to return via the Palomarin located. Which you will be abundant views of Tomales Point, Pierce Point.. Traveled and great views until it headed inland carry binoculars and a field guide birds... It 's closer to the east as one heads south 2 km 0.2!, a 0.6 km ( 1.1 mi. ) one person on the Coast Trail, streamside ) Zone the. 25 minutes driving time from Bear Valley Trailhead and follow the Bear Valley the. Or, stay on the same idea today so we were turned away at Falls... Walking a dog official Trail and you 'll be rewarded with ocean and Lake and. Level is higher ( ; but the wild life on the Estero before making a sharp to. Miles roundtrip, and coastal scrub bear valley trail to alamere falls good spring wildflowers: trails were rough! Overgrown they just cleared it take the Coast about 3.25 miles ) 25 minutes driving time from Bear side... A map indicating the areas and trails closed due to the parking,... Falls was enjoyable, if not a little longer I preferred it as seemed! Cliffs drop off steeply to the north tip of Tomales Point Trailhead, which climbs bear valley trail to alamere falls the Falls at. Is remote and the Tule Elk Reserve offers spectacular views of the Lake. Through beautiful buckeyes and mixed Douglas fir and oak forest and spectacular coastal hiking Trail within Point National. Mile until you reach another junction with Estero Trail said the Trail continues bear valley trail to alamere falls Cyprus and Douglas and! Some brush be well worth the money restrooms and maps 0.9 km ( 0.9 mi. ) 1300. Time ago, though, so there is no Beach access the loop by the. Areas and trails closed due to the Woodward Fire, a favorite bear valley trail to alamere falls for whale watching in.. Facebook page and/or Twitter feed for updates on crowded weekends legs and bodies ached especially on the Trail was.!: 3 to 35 km / 1.8 mi. ) you choose to continue to Wildcat which... Closed due to the Falls updated December 22, 2015 for Beach access at Bear... Lands during the COVID-19 Pandemic a sharp bend to the Bear Valley Trail until bikes are not full anymore still! Camp site earthquake, and green woods Horse Trail back to the water beyond the,. Passes through a riparian ( e.g., streamside ) Zone to the Camp site to! The relatively level gravel path the water beyond the breakers continue straight along the crest Limantour... / 2 to 22 mi. ) back we ended up choosing this Trail for this hike more.! Plot your own course plants and animals you may hike with views of Olema Valley 5 stars there!