Food Safety

Performance Produce is third party certified by ASI.

Established in 1948, ASI is one of the oldest food safety firms in the nation. Food safety today is on the forefront of issues concerning consumers. We offer Performance Produce food safety solutions and provide wisdom, from long established experience. As the leader in Food Safety, ASI is dedicated to providing the highest level of technical knowledge to ensure complete and well-documented audits. 
As a full-service provider, ASI provides HACCP plan development and verification, training and seminars for Performance Produce. As an innovator, ASI provides products that help Performance Produce monitor food safety and traceability data through a web-based application. 
ASI provides audits across the globe conducting more than 4,000 audits per year while continuing to educate the industry about food safety, food storage, and food hygiene (best practices) through seminars, webinars, and tradeshow interface.